Posted by Prashanta Dev

After carrying a baby for 9 months, suffering the agonies of swollen ankles, morning sickness and then still having to go through labor, every new mom deserves a special gift (otherwise known as a push present). There is no better way to honor the moms new love and joy then a special personalizes jewelry piece. Every mom would be delighted to receive a special keepsake to commemorate her new baby. Jewelry is traditionally given as a push present by the new mom’s husband or partner. The latest trend is currently exquisitely designed, personalized jewelry such as the Initial Diamond Letter Pendant or Diamond Name Bar Necklace. At Personalized World, we do not believe in the concept of mass producing jewelry. To this end, all our jewelry is handcrafted and, whenever we receive an order for a monogrammed piece, we personally hand cut each monogram to ensure that it is beautifully finished. Whether you require an Initial Diamond Letter Pendant in 14K yellow gold, white gold or one with white or black diamonds, we can fulfill your exact requirements. 

A push present is a very special tradition that has grown in popularity over the past few years. The giving of a push present is also a very personal gesture as it marks a new mother’s intimate and joyful experience of bringing a new life into the world. With this in mind, it is only natural that a push present should be a highly personal gift, too- something that will be entirely unique to the person receiving it. Because the gift of a push present symbolizes family, love and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, the gift should also be beautiful, yet exquisitely fragile. The new mother has already made so many sacrifices over the past 9 months and the push present is really an opportunity to spoil her with something special. It is for this reason that an Initial Diamond Letter Pendant from Personalized World is a meaningful and precious gift that she will definitely love and treasure.

Regardless of the precious metal you select for your Initial Diamond Letter Pendant, your necklace will stand the test of time and can therefore even be considered as an investment. What’s more, it is the utmost in understated modern chic and sophistication and can easily be worn to beautifully complement any outfit. Personalized jewelry is a tasteful way in which to commemorate a special occasion. You could even select the initial of your newborn child to do something different. Either way, the new mom will adore her new Initial Diamond Letter Pendant or any other personalized piece!