Posted by Prashanta Dev

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will no doubt be aware that Cutout Monogram Necklaces are the hottest trend in all the major fashion hubs around the world. Celebrities, models and fashionistas in Paris, London, Milan, New York and Tokyo are wearing the most beautiful Cutout Monogram Necklaces depicting their initials.

If you would like to own your very own Cutout Monogram Necklace, be sure to do it in class and style by wearing one in either real diamonds, sterling silver or 14K gold. At Personalized World, we hand make Cutout Monogram Necklaces in these precious metals and styles. In addition, our Cutout Monogram Necklaces are not mass produced. Instead, we prefer the personal touch and handcraft each and every one of our pieces, cutting each monogram by hand, which renders an exquisite result.

So, what is so popular about Cutout Monogram Necklaces, you may ask? Well, to begin with, especially if you have purchased one in a precious metal, they will literally last forever. In addition, they can be passed on from one generation to the next, especially if the next family member has the same initials as the previous owner. Cutout Monogram Necklaces also make the ideal gift to mark special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentines Day, graduation, giving birth and much more. They can be given as unique gifts to that special lady in your life like your girlfriend, mother, daughter or grandmother.

Although there is usually a specific order to which the initials on a Monogram Necklace are set out (the last name is in the center: e.g., for Sarah Jessica Parker, it would be SPJ), sometimes people prefer their first name to feature as the center and larger initial.

You may think that the concept of a Monogram Necklace is new but it is, in fact, quite traditional and dates back to Greek and Roman times where citizens would place monograms of their rulers on their coins. Monograming was also a useful way for printers and artists to sign and identify their work. Today, monograms are being seen more and more in jewelry, as well as in home decor, such as prints and embroidery. Monograming gives us a way to express our uniqueness and personality in a demanding world where everyone is desperately trying to fit in.

Regardless of whether you are wearing a formal, professional or casual outfit, your Cutout Monogram Necklace will perfectly complement your look and you can always be assured that no one else will be wearing the same piece! If you want to show someone how much you care or what they really mean to you, forget the flowers as these only last for a few days. Instead give them a meaningful gift that will transcend the ages: a Cutout Monogram Necklace.